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School Semester Break in Perak 2012

Virtually anyone will be spoilt for choice in regards of things to do while visiting Perak. The state has a diverse selection of destinations that can cater to the interests of almost any holidaymaker. On school holiday this year, we our family going to Perak to release tension from work. I've been very excited to shoot my lovely camera for record or save any beautiful scenery on there. I am so stunned when I saw the beauty of Allah is do. And I'm proud to be Malaysian and Muslim. 

On that day, we are going to Taiping, walking around Kuala Kangsar, dinner at Kurau Stone and the last day, we visit to Gunung Lang in Ipoh. There are a lot of beautiful scenery to capture and save in our memory. On the other hand, Perak also famous for its caves such as Gua Angin and Gua Kandu as well as its many challenging  4X4 routes or its white water rafting at Sungai Kampar. 

And for some good old-fashioned family fun, The Lost World of Tambun at New Sunway City Ipoh will not disappoint. Diversity is perhaps the main element when spending a holiday in Perak. Either it is a quiet relaxing weekend on a tropical island or a bone rattling ride through its dense jungles, Perak has it all.

Below are all pictures that I capture to make an custom album that titled "School Semester Break in Perak 2012". Hehe... I need to learn how to be a good photographer. So, I need more research, practice and improve my skill. 

A journey to Perak. stop at R&R and looks like cold places

Nice places to shoot film

Lake Taiping

The city of Taiping

Muzium DiRaja Perak, Kuala Kangsar

Danial and Faheem try to climb the gate at "Muzium DiRaja Perak"

The scenery near Zoo Taiping

Some more cousin in Safari Night, Zoo Taiping

Too many kinds of fish

Beautiful and the most beautiful at Gunung Lang

We are going to the Park by boat

Mood Happy because get some more experience before start school

The beautiful scenery of Gunung Lang's lake

Walkway to go to Park at Gunung Lang

Our family... Not at all to join our destiny

One of the sample house at Gunung Lang, Ipoh

One of the door window in sample house at Gunung Lang, Ipoh

Like Askar Wataniah...hehe...

The Happening of three cousin that songs titled "Kosong" from Najwa Latif

To see more picture about our vacation, just go to page LeYa Production

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