Who LeYa?

Hii... My name is Illya Farhana. I think you knew my name is LeYa. What you wanna know about me? I'm not a perfect person. I'm a simple person. I love to create website, photography, videography, designing and making programming by creating system. Definitely obsession you wanna about me... Hahaha... I don't care what people want to say or think... It's because, the main important is I really enjoy with what I'm doing... 
My last that I like is gadgets. I have laptop, handphone with full of function, digital camera, DSLR Canon 1100D. And I have own car to travel anywhere that I want to go... I love purple and white colors that give me a lot of passions...

Why Blog?

This blog build on 25 October 2008 for sharing information to each other. Serves some delicious menus such as travel, foods and lifestylehealth tips, free software, hardware, blog contest, blog tutorials, computer tutorials and much more. 

I find the need to record my life somewhere. At a young age I'd started writing on diary... Then I found the Internet. This blog contains snippets of my life - from my experiences, travelogues, the things I buy, the things that work and the dearest things my love says.


I believe that word saying "Tidak mudah untuk kita mencapai sesuatu yang kita hajati, tapi tak susah bila ia sudah menjadi milik kita abadi" to ensure that the works will be given to all customers are same with those words.


2009 – 2011  
Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Development)
Name of Institution       : UniversitiTeknikal Malaysia (UTeM)
Location                       : Melaka
Majoring Study             : Software Development

2006 – 2008            
Diploma in Information Technology (Programming)   
Name of Institution        : PoliteknikTuanku Syed Sirajuddin
Location                       : Arau, Perlis
Majoring Study             : Programming

Co-Curricular Achievements

 Year 1995 - 1999

  1. Committee Members of "Puteri Islam"
  2. Participant of "Bahasa Melayu" Club
  3. Participant of Chess Club
  4. Attend our music contest (Peringkat Daerah Port Dickson) - 1998
  5. Attend our community of "Khemah Ibadah" (Peringkat Daerah Port Dickson) - 1999

Year 2000 - 2005

  1. Committee Members of "Pengakap Laut"
  2. Committee Members of Information Technology Club
  3. Attend our "Perkhemahan Orientasi & Lencana Keahlian Pengakap Laut" (Peringkat Negeri) - 2001
  4. Attend our "Kursus Kefahaman Nilai & Prinsip2 Koperasi" (Peringkat Negeri) - 2003
  5. Motivation Program of Easy Add Maths & Qiamullail (Peringkat Daerah Port Dickson) - 2004
  6. Attend of Promotion Biotechnology Program Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) (Peringkat Daerah Port Dickson) - 2003
  7. Join our "Program Gerak Sedar Bersepadu (PROGRES)" (Peringkat Kebangsaan) - 2002
  8. Got 3rd place in Chess Contest (Peringkat Daerah Port Dickson)
  9. Voted as "Guru Muda" or Facilitator in Mathematics and Add Maths subjects.
  10. Attend our "Kawad Kaki" contest (Peringkat Daerah Port Dickson) - 2001
  11. Participant of "Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya" club
  12. Got 12th places in "Cross Country" of school sports day
  13. Attend of Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (Peringkat Kebangsaan) - 2005

Year 2006 - 2008

  1. Committee Members of ICT Carnivals - 2006
  2. Attending our seminar "Perkembangan ICT Masakini & Prospek Kerjaya"
  3. Attend our "Gubahan Kasih" Contest
  4. Members of Netball Club

Year 2009 - 2012

  1. Members of "Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya" Club
Hiii.... I'm LeYa...