Sabtu, 5 November 2011

Tagged from Haja Taufik

Assalamualaikum and Good Day,

OMG!!! I've got a tagged from my sweet cousin that I teach her how to create a blog... And now, she's very talented and professional for managed her blog... Gorgeous! and Marvelous! Hahaha....

Firstly, I want to apologize to my sweet cousin Haja Taufik for late reply your tagged... I'm too busy with my work.

And now, I'll do the tagged that she want.. I'd be answered the question as per below that you need it..

Thank you for remembering me as your cousin... And love you so much...

  • pink or black? Black because so Awesome!
  • prefer to be friend with girl or boy? Both boy and girl...
  • The longest relationship you ever had? 4 years
  • Your parents name? Razaly bin Elon & Faziah binti Kamaruddin
  • Meaning of your name? ILLYA = prophet's name. FARHANA = happiness
  • Someone you hate much and Why? FAIZAL. He's liar to me.
  • Love me, Hate me, Adore me? Love you so much cause you are my sweet cousin.
  • Got a crushed with someone! Why? The answer is same like someone I hate him.. hahaha...
  • Lovely subject in your school? Mathematics and Information Technology
  • What will you do on your free time? Editing photo, programming, surfing, reading & cooking
  • Three words describing yourself! MY LIFE! MY WORDS! MY MIND!

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